Hard Cover


Monroe, CT—The Connecticut Press is pleased to announce the publication of Goliath’s Secret (ISBN: 9780982546888) by Bonnie Feuer with illustrations by Sharai Platt.  Set in West Africa, it is the story of native animals attempting to communicate with a Goliath frog, the largest frog on earth, which also happens to be mute. In prose and occasional rhyme, the story and beautiful accompanying illustrations provide a wonderful introduction to West African wildlife, the key to unlocking a marvelous secret, and a universal lesson in acceptance and communication.

Intended for children ages 3 and up, Goliath’s Secret is the second collaborative effort between Feuer and Platt. Their first title, Wallaby The Wannabe (ISBN:9780982546871), featured animals native to the Australian Outback to address such themes as self-awareness, pride in who you are, as well as diversity. Educators universally applauded the book for its positive messages and enchanting illustrations.

Golitath’s Secret, 38 pp., 32 color illustrations, with glossary. The book retails for $18.50.

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